Rebuilding your strong cultural identity

About Rebuilding your strong cultural identity

One of the key ways to fight racism is to be proud of your own cultural heritage rather than rejecting it in order to “fit-in” to Australian society. Research suggested that having a positive cultural identity and strong sense of self is particularly helpful in combating race-related stress and stereotype threat. This workshop helps you reconnect with your cultural strengths, values and beliefs and reinforce pride in your cultural identity and thereby help you build confidence.

Note: This workshop is NOT suitable for those who are overwhelmed by racial incidents. It is recommended that if you are overwhelmed to first attend the workshop Racism: How to deal with my emotions.

Who are suitable for this workshop:

  • people who have experienced racism
  • direct witnesses to racism
  • indirect witness to racism (e.g. hear incidents through friends or media)
  • anyone else who are interested to rebuild a a strong cultural identity

Past date: 11 February 2021