Racist incidents can be expressed in a violent manner, verbally overt or subtle, however regardless what form it takes and expressed, the incidents still impacts on people – whether experienced it first hand or a witness to an incident.

People have told us often they do not know what to do when they experience these incidents because they did not want to cause anymore trouble or trigger the perpetrator even more leading to more severe abuse. Therefore whether they are witnesses or experiencing it first hand, many choose to do nothing, yet feeling guilty or ashamed not to be done anything.

These workshops are designed to support anyone who have experienced racism, direct witness to an racist incident or indirect witnesses who have been impacted by the news, and equip everyone in the community the skills and capability to cope with racism and contribute to a strong and resilient community.

Our workshops are designed based on our 3-tier resilience model developed by the Resilience Against Racism team. In order to determine which workshop is suitable for you, please take the following survey.

Alternatively, if you know exactly which workshop is required for yourself, you may book the workshop directly by visiting the all workshops page.