Co-founder: Wesa Chau

Wesa Chau is CEO of Cultural Intelligence and a social innovator.

As founder of Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) in 2002, her advocacy resulted in the establishment of the International Students Care Service (superseded by Study Melbourne), and facilitated key partnerships with many organisations including the Essendon Football Club, Committee for Melbourne and local councils. After working with international students, she dedicated herself to cultural diversity and was employed at Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities (ADEC) where her management skills were quickly recognised and was promoted to a senior management role at the age of 26 reporting to the CEO and managed key services to support people with disability from culturally diverse communities.

She has served on a number of boards over 15 years, including Holmesglen Tafe Foundation and formally Carers Victoria, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, and InTouch – Multicultural Center Against Family Violence. Apart from boards, she also served on the Multicultural Business Ministerial Council, Ministerial Council for Women’s Equality and Ministerial Overseas Students Experience Taskforce. She is a current advisory board member of the National Foundation of Australia-China Relations and Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

Her community and professional contributions have been recognised through a number of prestigious awards including the Victoria International Education Award (internationalisation) 2016, Australian Leadership Award 2013, inductee to the Victorian Women Honour Roll 2012, Rising Star Award for Young Alumni (University of Melbourne) 2012, Young Victorian of the Year in 2010, Multicultural Service Delivery Award 2006, Melbourne Award (Youth) 2005.

Co-founder and Head of Psychology: Christine Yeung

Christine Yeung, CEO and Principal Psychologist of Beyond Story. She is an experienced psychologist who spent more than a decade specialising in workplace psychology. Previously as a Head of Psychology at one of the leading psychometric testing companies, she has a decade of experiences in psychology consulting with various organisations including ASX Top 100 professional services firms and government departments. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in psychometric testing to designing and implementing scientific and evidence-based people solutions, that aim to develop happier, fairer and high performing Australian workplaces.

She has studied and consulted across Europe, Asia and Australia, working with businesses, government departments, NGOs and the United Nations at the intersection of governance and culture. Her career experience ranges from coaching and mentoring migrants, international students through to empowering leaders and organisations to harness the power of diversity and inclusion to strengthen leadership in Australia.

Since 2016, Christine has founded and led a purpose-driven business Beyond Story, which has a mission to enable, inspire and empower every human to become the best version of themselves by optimising their mental, emotional and behavioural capacities for higher functioning and satisfaction at work and in life. Beyond Story is an organisation weaving data-driven and creative approaches to expand our human capacity to thrive in complexity and restore wisdom in our collective reality.

Head Ambassador: Gary Lee

Gary is passionate on making diversity the norm.

Since arriving in Australia as an international student from Malaysia, Gary has demonstrated a strong interest and commitment in issues affecting culturally and linguistically diverse communities, especially international students. He completed a Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Diploma in Business System before being offered a full scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in Community Development at RMIT University.

In 2008, Gary joined the City of Melbourne and quickly earned a reputation as an affable and versatile collaborator. His leadership role resulted in City of Melbourne’s international student program being awarded the Victorian Multicultural Award for Service Delivery to Multicultural Community in 2010. Gary’s unique blend of creativity, knowledge and ‘out-of-the-box’ approach has seen him work with extraordinary people, causes and organisations.

He is a passionate ambassador for Bully Zero Australia Foundation, the AFL Multicultural Community Program, Melbourne Victory, Welcoming Australia, a member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Regional Advisory Council and is involved in the steering committee for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and the African Music and Cultural Festival. His thinking on multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion have been influential in shaping many programs, projects and discussions across the country, with the strong view that Australia should value, above all else, the principles of fairness, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life. In 2018, Gary was part of the North Melbourne Football Club’s not-for-profit The Huddle ‘Be Brave, Speak Up’ campaign in a bid to stamp out racism in sport and the wider community.

Gary was recognised by the Australia Day Council as the ‘New Australian of the Year’ in January 2016 for his contributions in empowering and advocating for communities, especially those who are unable to have their voices heard. In 2018, he was the recipient of the prestigious IEAA ‘Distinguished Contribution to International Education’ award.


Nang Souphphone Thoommavongsa

Souphaphone Thoommavongsa (Nang)

Nang came from Laos as Australian Award Scholarship recipient to study Diploma of community Services with Holmesglen. Nang has volunteered with Universities, Student Peak Body Organizations, different community organizations, state government, local government, specialists and experts to support vulnerable marginalized communities including international students, refugees and asylum seekers, LGBTIQ+, women, children, and disable. Some of the highlights that she has worked to support the student community are: in 2018, she coordinated a human rights conference with Amnesty international and Holmesglen. In 2020 she organized a Sexual Health Conference Series with CISA. She is a student ambassador of Holmesglen and Study Melbourne. During her study, Nang has run different projects with Holmesglen to support international students.Currently she is working as a program support officer with Inner East Primary Care Partnership. The project aims to address the barriers preventing international students from receiving support.

Ritika Saxena

Ritika is a research student originally from India who seeks to help build collaborative communities through her leadership. Ritika has contributed to the wellbeing of international students through her work with universities, not for profits and local governments. In 2018, Ritika was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to University Life at Deakin University and also received the Australasian Senior Peer Leader Award at the University of Wollongong. To support international students during the pandemic, Ritika started the initiative FLORALRESTRICT (@floralrestrict on Instagram). Ritika hopes to have a career in medical research in the future.

Chevron So

Being an International Student of Holmesglen Institute undertaking Building Design & Construction since 2019, I am fortunate to be a part of a multicultural and diverse community of Melbourne.
This breakthrough opportunity has brought an immense enlightening experience in viewing things at a different perspective.
As a movie enthusiast, avid sports supporter and well knowledgeable in Asian history and culture. In my spare time aside from playing basketball and video games, I draw my inspiration from architecture and heritage buildings around CBD and regional towns when the opportunity arises.
I look forward to be enriching my experience living in Melbourne and aspire to be given the opportunity to be able to contribute to the society in the near future.

Yin Ki (Decem) Kwok

Decem is a final-year student studying Master of Occupational Therapy Practice at Monash University. Being an outgoing and energetic student, she enjoys meeting people coming from different countries, taking part in various events and volunteering. Through being a mentor in a mentoring program, a Project Global Citizen scholar, and a Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors, she has developed communication, problem solving skills and cultural competency. She is passionate about engaging people to a meaningful life and enhancing the awareness of mental health. She loves hiking, cycling, sailing, and travelling.


Joyce Zhuo

Joyce 卓悦,1998年12月出生于广东珠海,11岁移居澳大利亚,可交流语言包括普通话、粤语以及英语。目前就读于墨尔本大学商学院金融和会计专业和音乐学院钢琴表演专业。从事于澳洲知名科技教育上市公司,担任商务拓展负责人。卓悦对教育领域有着浓厚的兴趣和热情,希望未来能结合科技的力量,为人们提供多样化、个性化的终身学习教育产品。卓悦热爱音乐,4岁开始学习钢琴,13岁完成演奏考级, 15岁起师从于世界著名钢琴教育家Glenn Riddle,18岁起兼任钢琴教学工作。 大一时创办了墨大钢琴音乐协会并担任第一任主席,同时也是澳亚音悦的联合创始人。大学期间曾任墨尔本大学学生大使,同时也参与了不同商业领域的实习项目,2020年初有幸在广州参加了第10届中澳青年领袖峰会。

Born and raised in Zhuhai, China. Joyce moved to Australia at the age of 11. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Joyce’s passion for music has also led her to undertake a Diploma in Music, majoring in Piano Performance at the University of Melbourne. She is the Business Development Manager at the well-known listed Edu-Tech company in Melbourne.

A strong believer in the power of education, Joyce aspires to harness modern technology to provide diverse and personalised educational products for lifelong learning in the future.

Joyce is an avid lover of music; she started learning piano at the age of 4 and completed her performance grading examinations (AMusA) at age 14. In the same year, she was chosen to be the pianist for the world premiere performance of well-known composer Larry Sitcky’s concerto for young pianists. Joyce started training under the world-renowned piano educator Glenn Riddle at age 15, while start giving piano lessons part-time herself at the age of 18.

Joyce is the founder and first elected president of the Piano and Music Society at the University of Melbourne. She also co-founded the Australian International Music Education. Joyce has served as the Student Ambassador of the University of Melbourne during her university life. She is also a mentor of the Youth Leadership program.  In early 2020, she attended the 10th Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) in Guangzhou.

Wendy Huang headshot

Wendy Huang

Wendy is an international student from China. She graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from Monash University in 2019. She is passionate about helping people live better lives and fulfill their potential. She has a specific interest in mental health and she’s been an advocate for better mental health support for international students. Through her professional and voluntary work, she wants to help the international students’ community become more informed, connected and empowered.

Yiran Wang headshot

Yiran Wang


I am Yiran Wang, a final-semester Data Science student at The University of Melbourne. Originally from China, I have been studying in Australia for almost 5 years. This year, I am fortunate enough to be one of the 2020 Study Melbourne Ambassadors, actively contributing to enhancing international students welfares. Outside of academics, I love music, singing as well as volunteering! From visiting the elderly at nursing homes, participating in various mentoring programs to inspiring young girls to explore IT, volunteering really enriched my life here at Melbourne.