Craft Against Racism

After witnessing the isolation international students and Asian-Australians were feeling due to racism. Craft is an excellent way to bring people together and create social connections. In many traditional cultures in Asia (such as China and Japan), origami are used to send blessings to loved ones. Folding origami collectively is a method to send symbolic messages to communities.

Origami boats and lotuses can either be kept by individuals or donated to the Craft Against Racism cause. It is envisaged that a blessing event (similar to a vigil) will be organised in late 2021 or early 2022 to release the paper boats and lotuses made by different communities be released into the water as a symbolic blessing to send love and support to people who might be affected by racism.

Dates can be organised between LEADAA and the partner organisation at a time that is mutually convenient and rooms can be arranged by LEADAA if required.

Please contact Wesa Chau at 0408 238 208 if interested.

This project is funded by VicHealth through the Reimagining Health Grant.

In partnership with LEADAA

Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development for Asian Australians (LEADAA) is seeking to partner with your community group to fold paper boats and lotuses collectively send blessings to the community. All materials and instructions with facilitator are provided.