Our Philosophy

At Resilience Against Racism we believe the best way to tackle racism and hatred is through spreading kindness. Kindness must start from within and spreads outward.

Our workshops help people to be kind to ourselves, appreciate ourselves and develop the confidence. In turn, we encourage people to use that strength from within to perform an act of kindness to their community, which may be to help their next door neighbour, or listening to a friend in need, or helping homeless people on the streets. We believe that by doing so, the support and kindness can spread, create a ripple effect and further develop community resilience as a whole. 

RAR Icon

This philosophy is reflect in the way we created by logo.

The eucalyptus leaf has many meanings, firstly to acknowledge the First Australians as the custodians of the land where we live, study and work because the eucalyptus is indigenous to Australia; secondly eucalyptus leaves are sometimes used to bring fresh energy to a situation and to help heal regrets, worries and negativity; and thirdly it is a resilient tree where many have special fire-adaptive traits that re-sprout after fires.  The triangle is a very strong structure, hence having the triangle behind the eucalyptus leaf symbolise strength.