Everyone deserves to belong.

Whether you are a recently arrived international student who is living and studying in Australia temporarily or a local student of a different cultural background, every person regardless of race and religion deserves to feel belong in Australia.  However, 1 in 5 people experience racism in the community.  In these few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen more racist sentiments towards people of Asian appearance.

Resilience Against Racism aims to help people build personal and community resilience to cope with adversaries such as racism.  We run a number of workshops for people who may have experienced racism themselves, a direct witness or indirect witness to racism. Driven by an evidence-based approach, the workshops are facilitated by trained culturally diverse organisational psychologists and co-designed by people with lived experience and culturally diverse social innovators with deep understanding on how cultural diversity impacts on design and delivery of the programs.

What is an organizational psychologist?
All psychologists are trained and equipped to provide psychological support to support people after adversary, however the reason why organisational psychologists are engaged in this project is their scope of work that focus on performance and wellbeing, rather than illness.  Many of their approaches are strengths-based and appropriate for people who require guidance to move forward from adversity rather than a treatment for illness.  They are also trained to assess people and refer them to clinical psychologists if they believe people require more intense support from incidents.