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At Resilience Against Racism we believe the best way to tackle racism and hatred is through spreading kindness. Kindness must start from within and spreads outward.

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Our team consists of people with expertise in psychology, cultural diversity, and social innovation.

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Our evidence-based series of online workshops aims to help people build resilience to cope with racism.


Our Supporters

We thank our supporters for their ongoing support.

Everyone deserves to belong.

Whether you are a First Australian with ancestors going back thousands of years… or a recently arrived international student who is living in Australia temporarily, every person deserves to feel belonging in Australia.

However, 1 in 5 people in Australia experience racism.

These sentiments can be exaggerated by international events. Asian-Australians have experienced more racism since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We help you build personal, interpersonal and community resilience despite adversity.

Resilience Against Racism stands by the Chinese community to release a report exploring the extent of racism within the community.

This report shares the findings from a survey aiming to understand the Chinese community’s the experiences of racism, the impact of racism and how they believe racism can be addressed.

Click here for a copy of the full report.

Where to find more support?

Visit our list of recommended organisations where you can find more support if you require.


Support for Chinese language.

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Acknowledgement to Country

Resilience Against Racism acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, study and work.


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Email: info@resilienceagainstracism.org

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